Classy, Sassy & Bad-assy



With an obsessive eye for beauty, DOLLFACE is run by women who have a strong sense of individuality and the kindest of hearts. We’ve trained with top beauty professionals and lash masters, who have taught us how to eat other aestheticians for breakfast (not that we would).  But above all of that, you will find that what truly differentiates us from other beauticians is our passion for what we do. We have fun recognizing and relating to each client’s unique personality and style. We understand that to be a woman is to be strong, fearless, clever, brave, but also soft, nurturing, beautiful, and feminine. You are BAD-ASS! And we’re here to make sure that your outside matches what’s inside.

At DOLLFACE, we love the minor details. Our generous attention to these often overlooked areas is what makes the biggest difference and what makes our services truly hard to find. We leave no lash unturned and no stray hair untweezed on the glamorous road of emphasizing your dollface features!

Are you ready to face your day, dollfaced?